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Waiter Opens Fire After Fight With Customer

A Waiter at Little Red Barn Steakhouse shoots 3-times in the air after being put in a headlock by a customer

Little Red Barn Steakhouse Shooting
Little Red Barn Steakhouse, Google Stree View

Guns, steak, and rage this is the perfect Texan story.

The Incident occurred on 1:00pm, Wednesday 24th August, at Little Red Barn Steakhouse on Hackberry Street, San Antonio, Texas. The altercation occurred after a customer was unhappy with his meal, so he started a fight with the waiter, eventually, the waiter fired three shots in the air inside a semi-full restaurant.

An unidentified man walked into to the steakhouse for a lunch time meal. During the meal, the customer became displeased with the meal he received and complained to the waiter serving the food. A small scuffle began between the patron and the waiter, Crystal Halliday told  Dallas News, that the customer "was the one that threw the first punch, he was a larger man, so he was on top of the waiter, beating him up pretty bad. I believe he also hit him with a computer that was there at the hostess stand."

The waiter was put into a headlock but managed to escape, as soon as he did, he pulled out his semi-automatic pistol and fire three rounds into the ceiling. Both the customer and the waiter fled the scene before the police arrived. No one was injured during the shooting.

Waiter at little red barn was strapped and started shooting #wtf #almostdied #shotsfired #freemeal

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Since the shooting occurred, the waiter has turned himself into the San Antonio Police Department, he is helping with the investigation and aiding them in identifying the customer. The customer if identified may face an assault charge and the waiter may face a charge of unlawfully carrying a weapon.

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