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Storm In Poland Wreaks Havoc

An apocalyptic like storm flattens and displaces large structures in Chorzow, Poland

Chorzow Storm
Chorzow Storm, LiveLeak

On Sunday afternoon, 21st August, a large tornado struck down in the large metropolitan city of Chorzow and smaller city Siemianowice Slaskie, both located in Poland.

The storm indiscriminately ripped everything from the ground regardless of if it it was nailed down or not.

The whirlwind followed by the heavy winds affected the southern part of Poland primarily passing through cities located in the Silesia region.

RadioPoland reported that firefighters responded to over 350 calls for assistance and helped victims of the heavy winds. A spokesman for the National Fire Brigade told the IAR news agency, "The firefighters primarily removed hundreds of trees which were felled and broken by the strong winds. These trees blocked streets and roads. Water was also pumped out from flooded basements."

The storm lasted around 15 minutes in the worst hit areas. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the natural disaster. 

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