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3 Men Steal $1m Worth Of Barbequed Eels

Three men almost slip away with their lucrative plan

eels stolen
Eels stolen, NYPD 66th Precinct/Twitter

The oriental delicacy has a high street value as discovered by the New York Police Department after catching and arresting three men who stole the barbecued eels from a shipping terminal in New Jersey. The trio of thieves was arrested in Brooklyn, New york trying to sell the stolen goods out of the back of a white truck.

The original heist took place on June 1st as the robbers managed to get a hold of the slippery delicacy from Maher Terminal in Elizabeth, New Jersey, which arrived by sea from the shores of China.

The men hired a truck driver who was unaware of the heist and provided him with fraudulent paperwork, so they were able to steal the high-priced food. Over 2000 boxes of the packaged fish, valued at $1.04 million, made its way into the streets of New York.

The original owners of the barbecued eels, Mars Global Trading, set up a sting operation with the New York Police Department where they offered the thieves to buy 200 boxes of eels. They managed to catch the thieves red-handed outside of a restaurant in Brooklyn, their warehouse was later discovered as they found almost half the boxes stolen were suspected to be sold.

The three men, Wei Da Li, 39, of Queens, Sheauloon Yat, 51, of Brooklyn, and Fa Deng, 36, also of Brooklyn, were arrested on Monday, 22nd August, and charged with felony criminal possession of stolen property.

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