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Man Gets Stuck Between Buildings Trying To Impress Girl

The things men do to impress women can get kind of dangerous

Pittsburg man stuck
Emergency services break a wall to free man, @PghPublicSafety/Twitter

Emergency services were called out in Forbes avenue, Pittsburg, Pensylvania, at 2:00am Tuesday, 23rd August, after they received reports a young man was stuck between two buildings.

In the early hours of the morning, the young man and a girl were on the rooftops on top of building in Forbes avenue. The young man, who is reported to be a University of Pittsburgh student, was trying to impress the girl by jumping over the 16-18 inch gap separating the buildings but he managed to fail the feat as he fell three stories and wedged himself between two brick walls.

After emergency crews were called to the scene it took them 4 hours to break the man out of his predicament. The firefighters had to break a wall of a restaurant to free the man.

The man was freed at around 6:00am and required a stretcher as he suffered a broken ankle from the fall b ut was reported to be in fair condition, as he gave two thumbs up whilst on the stretcher to the girl he tried to impress before he fell and got stuck.

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