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Man Rescues Boy Hanging From Window

A heroic man saves a boy hanging from a six-storey window

On Friday, August 12, a four-year-old boy was spotted dangling six-storeys high from a window, located in an apartment complex in Longgang, Shenzhen, China.

A heroic man is recorded scaling the side of the building to rescue the distressed child. 

the child was playing near the window when he got stuck in the bars of the security gate.

Heroic climber in China
The rescue,

 The heroic man climbs the from the bottom and manages to reach the child and push him back to safety.

After the rescue the man left the scene without giving his name, the child's father who was out running an errand wanted to thank the man for helping his son. The father told, "I did not go far, to come and go more than 20 minutes of it, just over 500 meters on the map, on the way back I received a phone call saying the child stuck in there, and quickly ran back."

The child did not suffer any injuries from the event.

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