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Man Wearing A Dress Shoots Pharmacist

A man wearing a dress robs a pharmacy and then shoots the pharmacist

The shooting and attempted robbery occurred at  Remco Pharmacy in Arlington, Texas, at approximately 9:30am on Wednesday 17th August.

Remco Pharmacy Robbery Suspect
Remco Pharmacy Robbery Suspect, Arlington Police Department

The suspect was spotted entering the Remco Pharmacy via surveillance footage. He was disguised wearing a flower print dress, a wig on his head, as well as white boots and a large bonnet.

The disguised man took out a gun and pointed it at the pharmacist and demanded drugs from behind the counter.The pharmacist refused to hand over any drugs to the disguised man, so the suspect shot the pharmacist wounding him. 

Remco Pharmacy
Remco Pharmacy, Google Street View

The suspects escaped the scene of the crime with a vehicle he parked nearby.

Th pharmacist who was shot underwent surgery at a local hospital and is recovering from the ordeal.

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