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Man Pulls Over Police Officer For Speeding

Florida sheriff is pulled over for speeding by civilian

A Florida man pulls over what's suspected to be, Grady Judd, the current Polk county sheriff, whilst he was speeding on the highway. 

Sheriff  Grady Judd Stopped
Suspected Sheriff Grady Judd Stopped, LiveLeak

The man spots the sheriff speeding at speeds of up to 90mph. The Floridian civilian drives up to the side of the cop car with his horn blaring indicating for the suspected sheriff to pull over.

Sheriff  Grady Judd
Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff's Office

He then gets out of the car to have a few words with the officer driving, the officer responds to the man, "Is this a citizen's arrest?" The Floridian man leaves the sheriff with a warning of his speeding before letting him go.

The man yells in joy after successfully stopping the sheriff's car. The two exchange words at the stop lights and joke about having a race, before parting ways.

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