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The Awesome Majestic Sight Of A Firenado!

When a tornado meets a forest fire we get the awesomely sounding and possibly destructive Firenado!

Ok, so a Firenado is just below a Sharknado in the awesome charts  but a Firenado, as you can see above, is a lot less ficticious.

The highly-likely, divinely orchestrated incident occurred on Sunday the 14th of August in Cornelius, Oregon. The Cornelius Fire Department captured footage of the Firenado being created as a tornado slowly approached a small forest fire, which the fire fighters where tackling at the time. 

Firenado, Cornelius Fire Department

The air currents which hovered over the fire created a larger fire due to the extra oxygen being pumped into the fire. The fire spiralled up through the tornado creating the Firenado.

No one was injured during the incident.

The Slo Mo Guys have attempted and succeeded in creating a  homemade Firenado, below

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