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Woman Trashes Convenience Store For 10 Minutes

An unidentified woman trashed a small convenience store for 10 minutes and is currently on the run

The police are currently looking for a lady who was confronted for stealing chocolate bars, at Shell located in Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida, the woman refused to pay so the store clerk locked the door, chaos ensued.

Shell, Jacksonville
Scene of destruction, Google Street View

Th lady who hasn't been identified entered the Shell convenience store at approximately 7:40am on Monday, August 15th and began to browse the candy section. The clerk noticed that she placed several candy bars in her pockets. The clerk approached the lady and asked her to pay for the candy bars, which totaled $11. The lady refused to pay for or return the candy bars and attempted to walk out of the convenience store, in doing so the clerk locked the front door.

Woman who trashed Shell in Jacksonville
Woman trashing Shell, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

The lady then spent the next 10 minutes throwing all of the items from the shelf onto the ground demanding the store clerk open the front door.

After 10 minutes of the lady rampaging through the store, the clerk finally gave into the ladies demands and opened the front door where the lady made her escape on foot.

Woman who trashed Shell in Jacksonville
Woman who trashed Shell, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

The police are currently in search of the destroyer of the Jacksonville convenience store and are requesting the public to come forth with any information. CrimeStoppers are offering a $3000 reward for the apprehension of the store wrecking lady.

The ten-minute long carnage was captured by the four cameras in the store if they had one camera which didn't display footage as if it was a 1992 VHS tape the lady will be a lot more identifiable.

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