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Police Car Overturned At Intersection

A police car was struck on its side and flipped over after attempting to chase a vehicle which ran a red light

At 8:10 am on August 12, a marked police squad car was traveling Southbound on southbound on University Ave at the intersection with Mississippi Street, in Fridley, Minnesota.

The officer in the squad car is waiting at the stop lights and spots a car which runs a red light. The officer driving turns on the emergency siren, lights and begins the chase for the semaphore violator.

Fridley Police Crash
Moment of Impact, Fridley Police

The police chase stops very quickly as a vehicle traveling eastbound side swipes the police truck causing it to flip onto its side.

Fortunately, the officer driving the vehicle was not seriously injured and was taken to a local hospital to treat his minor wounds along with the officer riding in the passenger seat. The driver who struck the police car and its female passenger both complained of minor injuries after the crash.

The car which ran the red light managed to escape justice and got away with the traffic violation, most likely unknowing the carnage running one red light caused.

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