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Lion Almost Eats Baby Live On Air

Warning no matter how well trained the lion, never hold a baby that close to a lion's mouth

Live on Mexican television is a host speaking to wildlife experts whilst their seemingly tamed lioness lays beside them, oh and there also is a mother with her child on her lap right next to them, yeah this looks like like it will go completely fine.

As the camera man zooms in on lions face the baby can be heard in the background which noticeably grabs the attention of the lion.

Lion attacks baby
Lion attacks baby, Youtube

The lioness jumps up and grabs the baby with its paws. The lioness holds a firm grip on the child's lower half as the lion's keeper pulls on its chain to deter it, all while the baby screams for its life. The mother begins to scream as the lady calms her of the situation.

The mother then tries to keep a smile on her face whilst her baby is still in the grips of the lion, creating discontent by viewers of the mother.

The female lion keeper takes the baby in her arms as the lioness is taken off of the stage. The shocked host and guest all give panicked smiles as the short clip ends.

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