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Thief Steals 200 Pairs Of Panties

A man is caught on cam stealing over 200 pairs of panties from a GAP store in

A bald man suspected to be in his 40s entered a GAP store in The Fashion Mall at Keystone, Indianapolis, Indiana on Monday afternoon, 6th August. 

The bald man in his 40s is seen approaching the ladies undergarment section as he walks towards the panties shelf. He patiently waits for the coast to be clear as customers leave the section.

Panty Thief
Panty Thief, Surveillance Footage

He then lunges next to the female panties and scoops handful of the undergarments into his shopping bag. He seems to know exactly where all the undergarments are kept as he opens up the drawers and manages to fill up his bag with over 200 panties.

Reports reveal that the undergarments were being sold at $10 each equating to just over a $2000 loss for the clothes outlet.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the matter further. Police sergeant Kendale Adams released a statement regarding the matter and included, "It certainly is unusual and not something that we see often".

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