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Drunk Man Arrested After Confusing Cop Car For Cab

An intoxicated man is arrested after he mistakes a police car for a taxi, the police discover he has outstanding warrant

Liberty Village
Toronto's Liberty Village, Google Street View

A drunk man walks right into the hands of the police, or better put directly into a police vehicle.

On Saturday 6th August,  An Intoxicated man spotted, what looked like to him, a taxi in the Liberty Village area on Hanna Avenue, Toronto, Canada. 

The intoxicated man walked up to the vehicle in a drunken haze opened the door and seated himself inside the taxi, which turned out to be a police cruiser filling up their tank at a police gas station. Moments later to his surprise he was being arrested by the police.

After the police had noticed the drunken man inside the vehicle they conducted a background check and discovered that he had an outstanding warrant to his name and subsequently was arrested. 

At least he saved on cab fare.

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