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Pokemon Go Player Destroys Tvs

A man is so preoccupied with the Pokemon go mobile phone app that he doesn't notice the expensive TV's ahead of him

The incident occurred on Thursday, 4th August, in the electronics section of a hypermarket based in Moscow, Russia.

Surveillance cameras have caught a preoccupied customer walking manically around the electronics section, wondering aimlessly from one place to another.

Pokemon Go Player Tv Smash
TV Smash, LiveLeak

The Pokemon Go player manages to make his way towards the television sets, unknowingly to himself, where he walks past them and decides to head back pushing them with his elbow as he turns around.

A store employee immediately approaches the formerly preoccupied man, the Pokemon Go player presumably gives the excuse "I was Playing Pokemon Go".

It's been almost a month since the popular mobile app has been released which has slowly moved it into the realm of it being no longer excuse worthy.

The television sets were valued at 300 thousand Roubles ($4,560, £3,475).  It has been unreported if the preoccupied Pokemon Go player has been charged with the destruction of store property

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