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Woman Wears 100 Layers Of Makeup

If you ever wondered what too much makeup looks like, well there's no need to wonder no more

If you thought nobody could wear more makeup than your aunt at the last family wedding, think again! Aas this youtube cakes on 100 layers of makeup on to her face.

Too Much Makeup
Too Much Makeup, Hannah Ewens/Youtube

She looks... well... she looks like a clown.

The youtube who goes by the name of Hannah Ewens has placed by  placed so much lipstick on her lips that she struggles to open her mouth as the lipstick glues it self together. Too much makeup seems kind of dangerous who would have thought that too much makeup can be potentially suffocating.

Surprisingly she didn't manage to get any lipstick on her teeth.

Below is another video of a Youtuber by the name of Jeely who spent 3-hours putting on 100 layers of foundation.

100 layers of Lipstick? That's nothing, below is a video of beautybyjosiek plodding on 400+ layers of liquid lipstick on her mouth.

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