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Breastfeeding, Drunk Driving Mother, Passed Out In Truck

Intoxicated Melissa Rae Tomesh was found passed out on the side of a road whilst breastfeeding her child.

Melissa Rae Tomesh, 35, was arrested after being found passed out drunk in her pickup truck whilst breastfeeding her almost 3-year-old child.

Barrington Drive
Barrington Drive, Google Street View

She was located at the side of Barrington Drive in Roswell, Georgia by the Roswell Police Department at 2:30 a.m in the early hours of Friday Morning, 29 July.

Police reports describe finding Melissa,'s vehicle facing the wrong way on the road with the engine still running. When police officers attempted to wake Ms. Tomesh, they realized she was intoxicated with alcohol and a possibility of a number of drugs. She had her son on her lap who was currently breastfeeding.

Melissa Rae Tomesh
Melissa Rae Tomesh, Roswell Police Department

Ms. Tomesh was arrested and charged with Driving under the influence of Drugs and endangering the life of a child. She was taken to Fulton County Jail and is being held on a $2,500 bond.

The child has been reported to be safe and well with relatives.

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