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Creepy Intruder Watches Over Sleeping Couple

A man broke into a couple's apartment and watched over them as they slept before stealing a purse

In the early hours of  Monday, 25th July, in Bucktown, Chicago, Illinois, a couple slept in their duplex apartment . Little did they know as they lay sleeping below a man above them had broken in and stood staring at them, whilst in their unconscious state.

When the couple awoke from their sleep, the girlfriend, Jordan Buranskas, had noticed that her bag was missing, her boyfriend, Jack Mackercher, went to check his surveillance footage to see if it would help to see where she had last placed her bag.

Creepy Intruder
Creepy Intruder, Surveillance Footage

Jack Mackercher, was petrified when he watched back his surveillance camera footage as he saw a man standing over himself and his girlfriend as they fell asleep on the sofa whilst watching Netflix.

It was discovered that the intruder came through an open balcony on the top floor of the apartment. Jack told DNA Info, that "Every other night we would have been in bed, and kept it locked. You leave the door unlocked one time, and this is what happens." The intruder is seen standing creepily above the couple for an entire fifteen minutes before taking Jordan's purse and leaving.

The Chicago police are currently searching for the man. Five neighbors reported having spotted the man on that same night going from house to house, testing door handles, looking for a way in.

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