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Walmart Thief Escapes On Mobility Scooter

A man makes his great getaway attempt on his electric scooter and managed to evade capture

The robbery and getaway occurred on Sunday, July 3rd, at a Walmart based in Tucson, Arizona. 

Mobility Scooter Thief
Mobility Scooter Thief, Pima County Sheriff's Department

A white male with brown hair, a mustache, who is estimated to be in his 50s entered the Walmart, driving his mobility scooter with crutches placed on top. He was spotted by workers, placing items into his front loading basket. 

The surveillance footage shows him trying to leave the store with the unpaid items but he is stopped by one of the Walmart workers.

Mobility Scooter Thief
Mobility Scooter Thief evades capture, Pima County Sheriff's Department

He begins to evade the worker but the limited agility of the scooter stumps the man. He decides to reverse and ram the worker in frustration, successfully pinning the worker to a blue box behind her. Customers attempt to stop the thief on the scooter but he manages out maneuver the members of the public and evades capture, he speeds off into the distance with his stolen goods.

Pima County Sheriff's Department released the footage and is requesting the public to come forth and aid in the capture of the mobility scooter thief. He is suspected of robbing the same Walmart the day before on July 2nd.

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