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Flash Mob Of Children Steal Candy From Store

A convenience store has been struck by a wave of unruly children who stole candy, soda, and ice cream

During the early hour of Sunday Morning, 24th July, at a convenience store, Alfa Auto Fuel gas station, located in Roslindale, Boston, Massachusetts, was struck by a flash mob of thieving children, who all seemed to have a sweet tooth for candy, soda, and ice-cream.

Alfa Auto Fuel
Alfa Auto Fuel, Google Street View

The footage of the robbery has been blurred due to the age of the assailants conducting the robbery. The estimated number of youths involved in the robbery is about 20-25, all aged between the 12-16 years. 

Alfa Auto Fuel Robbery
Swarms of children, Surveillance Footage

The children are seen entering the store before the 12:20am on Sunday, they are spotted rushing into the store and grabbing as many items as they can before exiting the store. The approximate time it took for the children to complete their robbery was 10 seconds, suggesting that the robbery was preplanned.

After the children had left the worker immediately locked the doors and called the police, nobody was injured during the robbery.

Gloria mantas, owner of the gas station, told CBS Boston,  “I don’t care about the money, I don’t care about the candy… I (just want) somebody to come over here and tell me, ‘We’re sorry we did this to you.'”

The children are suspected to have come from a nearby party.

None of the children have been caught or charged with the theft from the convenience store .

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