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Woman Mauled To Death By Tiger

A woman is spotted exiting her vehicle at a Safari when a tiger grabs her from behind and mauls her to death

On Saturday, 23rd July, a tiger mauled a visitor to death and injured another after they exited their vehicles at Badaling Wildlife World located in Beijing.

Reports have stated that a family of four; one older woman, a younger woman, a child and a man, were driving through the animal enclosure when the younger women and man got into an argument. The argument resulted in the car stopping and the woman storming out of the vehicle.

Beijing Tiger Attack
Beijing Tiger Attack

The woman walked towards the driver side of the vehicle when a Siberian tiger approached from behind and snatched her away in its grasp. Both the man and the older woman left the vehicle to aid the younger woman, the older woman was immediately attacked by another Siberian tiger after exiting the vehicle .

The Badaling Wildlife World's staff came to aid the family managing to scare off the Siberian tigers. The older woman died at the scene whilst the younger woman survived the attack but suffered serious injuries, the man was left uninjured during the attack.

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