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Train Station Collapse After Lightning Strike

A canopy at a Blue line train station has collapsed after a direct lightning strike

The incident occurred at the Illinois Medical District station, located on the blue line in Chicago, Illinois. on Sunday evening, 24th July, the Chicago area was struck by turbulent weather including severe thunder and lighting.

The canopy of the Illinois Medical District station was struck by lightning and set ablaze. A fire had caused enough damage that by approximately 7pm part of the canopy had collapsed onto the track and was caught on cam by a passerby(above).

 Illinois Medical District station
Illinois Medical District station

Reports from Chicago Transit Authority have stated that the platform itself has not been damaged but the canopy above has caused debris to fall onto the tracks and the train line. Trains have been halted on the Blue line until further notice and the Illinois Medical District station will be closed until it is safe to be used.

No injuries were reported during the severe weather storm or the collapse at the train station.

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