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Man Throws Fake Bomb Into Police Vehicle

A man has been arrested after throwing a fake bomb into a police car in the middle of Manhattan

The incident occurred late Wednesday, 20th July 2016, when Hector Meneses, 52, drove beside a police van and threw in a cylindrical object which was suspected to be a bomb.

Two officers were seated in the car, Officer Peter Cybulski and Sgt. Hameed Armani who was driving, both officers decided that throwing the suspected bomb out of the window was out of the question as there were too many civilians outside, they made the decision to speed off to a secluded area, as to reduce possible casualties and deaths. As they drove off Officer Cybulski cradled the bomb close to his chest to stifle the bombs radius.

Fake bomb revealed
Fake bomb revealed, NYPD

The police later discovered that the cylinder device was not actually a bomb but a large candle wrapped in foil with a battery attached.

The police went to find the fake bomb thrower. Police officers found the suspect's vehicle at 2 a.m Thursday morning and pulled him over . As they approached the driver side of the window they met Hector Meneses, who has his hand to the glove compartment and says to the officers he wants to die and has a bomb strapped to his vest.

Hector Meneses
Hector Meneses

Hernandez continued to place a red helmet on his head, his actions were reported to be erratic.

The surrounding streets were closed off for six hours as police sent in a robot to check out if there were any explosives in the man's car. The area reopened at 8am Thursday morning.

Police pulled Hernandez out of his vehicle and used pepper spray to subdue him, before arresting him.

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