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Trumps Plastic Wall

Trumps hall of fame star gets a miniature plastic border around it

Plastic Border Donald Trump's Star
Donald Ttrumps's Bordered Star, Plastic Jesus

British-born, Los Angeles-based street artist, named Plastic Jesus has made a humorous statement after placing a 6-inch high plastic border around, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

The wall has been placed after Trump famously promising to build a wall along the border between USA and Mexico to stop illegal immigrants coming into the country. His stance on immigration has stretched to more than just South Americans after he made a speech calling for a banning of Muslims from entering the country.

The wall comes complete with faux barbed wire on top and has tiny posters saying "Caution Border - Keep out - Prohibo El Paso" and another sticker reading "Stop making stupid people famous". The plastic wall comes fittingly with four American flags being flown at high mast in each corner.

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