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Pimple Popper Cupcakes

Yep, the pimple popping fad has gone deeper into the levels of absurdity

Dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee who is also known as "Dr. Pimple Popper",  based in Upland, California, uploaded a video to her facebook showing off a bunch of pimple popping cupcakes.

Pimple popping cupcakes
Pimple popping cupcakes, Dr Sandra Lee/Facebook

The Cupcakes were made by Blessed by Baking, who created the, frankly disgusting looking sweet treat. The cupcakes themselves are regular cakes with icing on top but they feature a pus yellow cream in the middle.  if one of the cupcakes are squeezed from the sides, the cream protrudes out no different to a pimple on an acne-ridden teenager's face.

A photo posted by Blessed By Baking (@blessedbybaking) on

I have to admit the cupcake has a pretty out of the box design to it but the actual look is vile although it does suit the dermatologists trade to a tea.

Wondering what they taste like? Dr. Sandra Lee claimed they were "yummy" but you won't be a fool to think otherwise.

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