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Pokemon Go Player Hits Car In Front Of Police

Pokemon Go player, plays Pokemon go whilst driving , crashes into car and the police catch the incident on bodycam

You gotta catch em all, by that I mean all the weird incidents involving people playing Pokemon Go.

On the 2900 block of Eastern Avenue in  Baltimore, Maryland,  at approximately 3:30am , Monday, 18th July, Baltimore police officers were gathered near a previous call of service.

Pokemon Go Car Crash
Pokemon Go Driver, Baltimore Police/Youtube

A few moments had passed after they witness a Toyota RAV4 drive down the road and crash into a parked police car just a couple of feet away. The police rush over to the suspects car who parked a few metres away from the crash site , the police hear the  annoyed driver stating as he exits the vehicle, "“That’s what I get for playing this dumb a** game”.

The driver told the police he was distracted from the road as he was playing Pokemon Go, his car swerved when he was looking at the screen causing the crash.

No one was injured during the car crash, The police released a statement after the video was released emphasising to not play the game whilst behind the wheel.

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