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Thieves Steal From Charity Using Fire Extinguisher

Thieves attempt to block cameras of a charity using a fire extinguisher and black bags

An animal charity named Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) based in Alberta, Canada was broken into on Friday the 18th of July.

Thieves reportedly arrived early to scan the premises at 11:45pm and then returned an hour later at approximately 12:50am to begin their robbery.

The thieves used a fire extinguisher and a long pole with a plastic bag to block their faces from the camera view. They approached the AARCS site spraying the fire extinguisher ahead of them to cover their faces whilst propping up a black plastic bag on a pole to cover the surveillance cameras.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society robbery
Thieves outside Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, AARCS/Facebook

The charity wrote on Facebook that for the past two months they had a campaign of collecting empty bottles and cans in an attempt to bring in extra money for the charity. The thieves broke in cut the lock and stole an unreported number of empty cans/bottles from the animal charity.

The charity is requesting the public come forth if they have any information on the burglars.

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