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Man Shoots At Pokemon Go Player Outside Of His Home

Man believes the two men waiting late night outside of his home to be burglars, turns out to be nerds

Pokemon Go Pokeball

A Palm Coast, Florida resident heard a disturbance outside of his home at 1:30am on Saturday the 16th of July. He spotted two men sitting outside of his home in a small white car with its blaring brake lights on in the middle of the night.

Fearing the worst, the man armed himself with a handgun and approached the vehicle with caution. As he approached the unaware duo sitting in the car, he heard one of the pair state "did you get anything?", through these words, the armed resident believed the pair to be burglars.

Pokemon go shooting location
Primrose Lane location of the late night shooting, Google Street View

The armed resident got in front of the vehicle and pointed his guns at the two suspects the pair in car startled at the sight fled the scene running the armed man of the road. As the car drove off the armed man fired several shots into the vehicle puncturing a tire and leaving several holes in the bodywork of the car.

After seeing the damage to the car, the next morning the Flagler County's Sheriff's office received a phone call from a mother stating that her teenage son, 19 and his friend, 16 were fired upon late last night when they were playing the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. 

The police have currently not charged anyone regarding the incident and are currently still investigating.

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