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Cop Dragged During Traffic Stop

Police officer holds on to the window of suspects car as he drives away

The incident occurred approximately at 3.50am on Wednesday 13th of July after a routine traffic stop, in Brookhaven, Georgia, an ID request alarmed the driver causing him to speed away with a police officer clinging on to the vehicle for dear life.

Tyrone Marvail Chapman, 38, was the driver of the vehicle, he was found sleeping in the middle of the road at an intersection at Peachtree Road at Dresden Drive at approximately 3:30 a.m. 

He was found by on-duty police officers, Tommy Lefever of Brookhaven police department approached his vehicle from the driver side. Officer Lefever, woke the driver and spoke to him. Initially, the driver gave the cop a fake name and date of birth when Lefever requested ID for proof, Tyrone became startled as he pushed the gas peddled down and accelerated from the scene, one problem, Officer Lefever was still holding on to the window.

As the vehicle began to move Lefever put his arm further into the window in an attempt to stop him, this aided in lodging him to the vehicle saving him from being struck by the ground, whilst the car was traveling at high speed. Lefever made efforts not to be injured by the ground, by curling his body into a ball. Brookhaven Post reported that both the two men made eye contact whilst the car was moving, and Lefever said to the man “You’re going to kill me” , Tyrone replied “I don’t want to kill you” and began to slow the vehicle.

Tyrone Marvail Chapman
Tyrone Marvail Chapman, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office

Tyrone got out of the vehicle when it came to a stop and thanked the officer fo not shooting him. Tyrone was arrested and struck with several charges including  Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, Felony Obstruction of Justice, Driving While License Suspended, Impeding the Flow of Traffic, 1st-degree Criminal Damage to Property. He is currently being held in Dekalb county Jail with a $1000 bond.

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