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Cops Free Bear Stuck In Car

Nobody knows how the bear got into the car and managed to lock itself inside

Deputies Tillman and McLaughlin, from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, Located in Colorado were called to the scene by 17-year-old, Annie Bruecker, as a bear had gotten into her car and locked itself inside.

When the police officers got to the scene, it was remarkable how the bear had managed to get himself into the predicament as none of the windows were broken or the car damaged from the outside. The bear was not only able to open the car door but also worked out that he had to close it, subsequently locking itself in.

Bear stuck in car
Bears nose, Jefferson County's Sheriff's Office

Annie informed the police that she had forgotten to lock her car and the car may have smells of takeaway she had brought home with her the night before , revealing as to how the bear managed to get into the vehicle into the first place. The police made an attempt to get the bear out quickly as possible as they worried due to the smaller size of the bear the bigger 'momma' bear might be close by.

The policemen decided to open the back of the car to give the bear a bigger opening so it could leave. The plan worked and the bear left.

The inside of the car was completely wrecked, as the bear caused as much destruction as was possible, it ripped door panels off,  tore the steering wheel off and other things you'd imagine after leaving a wild animal in a small confined place over a period of time.

The bear walked off into the wild without further incident.

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