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Skunks Head Stuck In Coffee Cup

The video depicts the danger of litter for wild animals

The skunk was found with a coffee cup stuck on its head on June, 22, 2016 at approximately 2:15 am, at Winnipegosis, Manitoba, Canada.

The RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police) found the skunk with a Tim Horton's coffee cup. The police are usually very happy to help distressed animals but due to the skunks "spraying" ability, the police were very wary not to get too close to the critter.

Coffee cup skunk
Coffee cup skunk, RCMP Manitoba/Youtube

Police officers Cst. Kyle Van De Sype and Cst. Catlin Lang devised a plan to aid the animal in need. Kyle placed a large yellow sheet over the skunk trapping it and also preventing it from spraying any vile odours in defence. Another person comes to the aid of the officer as they slowly push out the creatures head.

Once they revealed the creatures head they slowly popped the cup off of its head.

Once the animal is free from the coffee cup it can be seen happily scuttling off in a caffeinated daze into the distance as the officers cheer on.

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