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Peeping Tom Caught On Cam

Peeping Tom caught in Walmart trying to record underneath women's changing facility

The incident occurred on the 8th of July at a Walmart, located in Port Orange, Florida after a woman caught Terrence Sicilia, 29, trying to record underneath a women's changing room using his phone.

There were several reports of Terrence trying to take pictures of women and recording them at 1590 Dunlawton Boulevard, Walmart, one of which was caught on cam(above). 

Terrence Sicilia
Terrence Sicilia, Portland Police Department

In the video an unnamed lady suspects suspicious activity from Terrence and begins to record him, he walks past her and she begins to follow him.

She finds him around the corner red handed with is phone underneath a women's dressing room. She tells him, "You're busted!" prompting him to walk away, to reduce the attention from his activity.

Terrence was later arrested by the Port Orange Police and charged with a third-degree felony, Video Voyeurism.

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