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Ceiling Collapse Kills Three

A ceiling collapse at a wedding ceremony kills three people injuring 30

A wedding ceremony in Fortune Park Bellacasa hotel’s Jasmine hall located in Jaipur, India, was struck by tragedy a fake ceiling collapsed on guests in attendance.

The was being used as a reception area for the engagement of Kushal Tibrewal, 26, and Manuja, 26, both the bride and groom were not inside the banquet hall at the time of the collapse.

Ceiling collapse
Ceiling collapse

As guests were enjoying the wedding  a loud thunder was heard as the ceiling made form made of cement, plaster of paris and thick glass fell to the ground crushing wedding-goers underneath.

A total of 30 attendees were injured in the collapse and another 3 died in the crushing weight of the ceiling.

It has been unreported as to what caused the collapse of the ceiling, but it has been suspected to be poor workmanship and possible bad structural supports holding up the roof.


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