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Wild Boar Goes Crazy In Restaurant

Run! Piggy run!

A traditional restaurant located in the city of Uijeongbu-si, central Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea, has been terrorised by a wild boar.

The incident occurred on the 7th of July as a wild boar entered the restaurant and wreaked havoc with customers, staff, food, furnishings as it jumped and ran through the entirety of the eatery causing panic.

wild boar in restaurant
wild boar in restaurant, Skinner/LiveLeak

The wild boar enters the restaurant at around 3.30pm as the first shocked patron notices and begins to walk further away from the panicked animal. The boar heads straight to the back of the restaurant in a straight line whilst all the customers perform a synchronised lean away from the frightened boar. A waitress runs away from the boar with her hands up as the pig gives chase, other customers stand behind their tables for protection.

Wild Boar
Wild Boar, file picture

Confused customers are unsure whether to exit the restaurant or to dodge the bullet-like nature of the boar as it leaps through a table and straight into a wall, luckily missing a few of the customers. The predatory nature of the wild pig causes it to chase after customers who are running away. Customers begin to use tables to halt the boar in its tracks as a staff member launches a tray table at the boar causing it run out of the restaurant.

It is unreported the current location of the wild boar, probably in the wilderness waiting for the perfect time for its next attack.

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