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Walgreens Worker Puts Customer In Chokehold

A Walgreens worker fights a customerer after a confrontation, the fight ends with the customer tapping out

The incident was captured on surveillance footage from inside Walgreens in Florida and was uploaded on Wednesday, 6th of July.

A confrontational customer can be seen at the start of the recording speaking to the Walgreens staff member, a brief conversation is had between the two men before the black man walks away from the Walgreens worker.

The worker heads behind the counter but is again approached again by the same man, this time, the man launches an attack towards the Walgreens staff member but the worker fights back, hitting the attacker with a series of punches.

Walgreens chokehold
Worker puts customer in chokehold, Walgreens/Florida

The employee knocks the would-be assailant to the ground where he carries on the flurry of punches as the customer curls up into the fetal position. Another staff member sees the incident and quickly walk behind the counter seemingly to call security, whilst the employee fighting the thug uses a chokehold to subdue the black man who was already on the ground. The Walgreens worker seems very eager to show off his MMA skills he's learnt from lessons he's obviously had .

15 seconds into the chokehold the black man begins to tap out but the overzealous worker undeterred by the please to stop carries on the fight. The customer's friend comes to aid his friend, succeeding in pulling off the Walgreens employee out of the chokehold manoeuvre. Both men begin to swing their fists at the Walgreens employee who is now on the floor, the Walgreens worker manages to get up and run before sustaining any further injuries.

One of the men throws a price scanner in anger before running out of the store.

It has been unreported if the police were called to the scene or any arrests have been made after the fight finished. It is also unreported if Walgreens carried on the employment of their overzealous MMA trained worker.

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