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Man With Scoliosis Robs Store

Don't turn your back on this thief!

On Friday, July 1st, a man walked into a Rite AID located in Covington, Georgia and demanded cash from the store clerk via a note passed to him.

Rite AID in Covington
Rite AID in Covington, Google Street View

The robbery suspect can be seen walking with a severe limp and back arched sideways outside of the Rite AID at approximately 4:30am.

He makes his way into the Rite AID and walks directly up to the cashier, passing him a note, demanding cash. The cashier hands over an unreported amount of money before the robber leaves.

Scoliosis robber
Scoliosis robber, Rite AID

The robber was seen making his getaway in a white sedan

The police are currently looking for a black male about 5'8" to 5'10", slim built, black pants, black hoodie, dark sunglasses, goatee, brown loafers and possibly suffering from Scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a disease of the spine which reduces the density of bone which causes visible curving of the spine, severe cases can cause difficulty of walking for the sufferer.

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