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Kidnapping Attempt In Front Of Mom

A kidnapper tries to take four-year-old girl in broad daylight in front of her mother

On Friday, July 1st, a mother was inside a cellphone store, Macias cellular & computers, located in Victorville, California. She was holding an infant in her arms while her 4-year-old daughter was nearby, standing closer to the door.

On surveillance footage retrieved from the store at 2:35 p.m a man, Terry Ransom, 24,  is seen reaching into the store and grabbing the 4-year-old girl before running away with her, the girl's mother and another cusotomer are immediately alerted of the kidnapping attempt as they chase the kidnapper.

Kidnapping attempt
Kidnapping attempt, Macias cellular & computers

Whilst Terry Ransom was escaping with the four-year-old, he had lost his grip and the girl had managed to escape from his grasp. Bystanders said they could hear the mother screaming whilst chasing after him.

Terry Ransom
Terry Ransom, High Desert Detention Center

Police were called to the scene, caught and arrested Terry without any further altercations. Terry Ransom was charged with kidnapping, child cruelty and is being held $250,000 (£190,000) bail.

The 4-year-old did not suffer any injuries from the attempted abduction and is safe with her mother.

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