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Son Calls The Police After Dad Burns All His Weed

A dad burns sons weed after a fight with his son, enraged son then calls police in search of justice

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A  strange police report has emerged out of the township of Humpty Doo located in the Northern Territory, Australia at 6.30pm on Monday, 4th July.

A son had got into a heated argument with his father over an undisclosed matter. The father in an attempt to discipline his unruly son decided to burn his stash of marijuana in a bonfire.

After his son found out of what his father did, unknowing of how to handle the situation, called the police, stating that his father had burned all his weed. The Northern Territory police informed the man that owning and consuming Marijuana is an illegal offence.

Since being enlightened of this new information, no charges have been made towards the father or the son as fortunately, his father had already destroyed the evidence.

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