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Illegal Immigrant Found In Suitcase Trying To Enter Britain

An Illegal Immigrant has been found inside a suitcase whilst being carried onto a train in Switzerland

A six-foot tall Eritrean man has been found stuffed inside a suitcase after an accomplice carried him onto a train in Milan and was caught in Switzerland on their journey to Britain.

The pair of Illegal immigrant, both from Eritrea, devised a plan to travel across Europe heading towards the UK via train links.

Their journey started in Milan, Italy where the six-foot tall man got the short end of the stick and had to hide inside a suitcase for the journey, whilst the other man would carry him as luggage.

The pair made it onto the train in Milan but Italian Police alerted the police in Switzerland that they suspected two illegal immigrants were headed their way.

Once the train stopped in Chiasso, Switzerland the border agency commenced their search for two illegal immigrants due to their alert from the Italian Police. Commuters on the train alerted the border agency that they heard strange noises from an abandoned suitcase on the train.

Illegal immigrant in a suitcase
Illegal immigrant in a suitcase, Swiss police

The policemen dragged the suitcase out of the train.  Once outside they unzipped the case discovering a six-foot tall Eritrean who poked his head out and eventually his entire body emerged out of the luggage. It is reported that his accomplice was found hiding inside the toilet.

The pair of men who stated they wanted to enter Britain but did not have any official documents, so they were transported  back to Italy, where they will further devise another ingenious plan to make it to the UK.

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