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Robber Vs Dog, Who Wins?

A robbery suspect with a gun walks into a tobacco shop he meets his nemesis a dog, the fight is on!

The incident occurred on Friday, the 1st of July at the Mont d'Or tobacco shop in Manosque, France.

The CCTV footage captures the shop worker carrying a rubbish bin out of the store after a busy day of work. At 6:45pm, the shop worker walks back into the store as a man wearing a masked straight from a Halloween shop waves a handgun in his store clerks face.

The cashier hastily runs back behind the counter as the masked assailant brandishing his handgun follows behind the worker.

robber vs dog
Masked man, plokiju/LiveLeak

As the armed robber walks closer to the till he notices something near the worker and makes a number of steps backward. The tobacco shop worker turns around and walks towards the masked robber with confidence.

A dog comes into the camera view as the trained dog quickly bites the masked man's leg deterring him and causing him to flee out of the shop.

The store clerk keeps pace with the dog outside of the shop as both fend off the masked intruder causing him to run away from the vicinity.

It is unreported if the police have found and arrested the armed intruder.

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