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Stripper Fakes Kidnapping So Husband Doesn't Catch Her Cheating

Woman spends the night with another man tells the police that she's been abducted so her husband doesn't find out the truth

Karla Flores Vasquez, 32, is a bartender who works at popular Hallandale Beach strip club, Cheetah Gentleman’s Club, located in Miami, Florida. She was working late night, on Thursday, 30th June, when she approached by a man who she took a liking to, they had decided to begin bar hopping after Karla finished work.

At 4.30 am, Karla's husband, Daniel Pacheco, was at work when he received a phone call from his wife telling him that he needed to come home quickly as she was in need of help, Daniel put the phone down as he thought his wife was playing a prank on him.

Daniel received a text an hour later stating that she needed help, Daniel bit the bait and called Karla where she warned her husband that she was at home and could see to men in her driveway, sitting in her parked car.

Karla Flores Vasquez
Karla Flores Vasquez, Miami Police Department

Daniel worried for his wife's safety rushed back home to find no car parked in the driveway and his wife nowhere in sight, he called his wife who informed him that she was kidnapped. Daniel who was in full belief of his wife's story called the police informing them of the abduction.

The police began to investigate the situation and used the GPS on Karla's car and phone to track her whereabouts. They found Karla the next day driving around in the same car she was supposed to be abducted in, the police took her in for questioning.

Karla admitted the truth to the police stating that she met another man who she went bar hopping with and decided to spend the night with him. Karla was arrested and charged with the false report of a commission of a crime.

It is currently unreported of Karla's and Daniel's current relationship status.

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