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Man Shoves Bag Of Feces Down Woman's Pants

Suspected homeless man shoves a bag of poop down woman's pants in bizarre attack

The incident occurred on Monday the 27th June, the female victim, 27-years-old, was walking near 74th Street and First Avenue at 6pm in Manhattan, New York.

As the woman was walking she was being followed by the assailant. The victim was speaking on her phone as the suspected homeless man grabs the woman from behind pulling down her pants, he is then seen shoving a bag inside. The bag is later discovered to be a bag of feces.

Feces attacker
Feces attacker, NYPD

The assailant proceeds to sexually assault the woman further by grabbing the ladies buttocks after the shoving the bag of poop in her pants.

The victim runs away from the attacker as the assaulter strolls away flinging off his latex glove he was wearing and proceeds to jog away from the camera view.

NYPD are currently investigating the assault and have asked the public to come forth if they have any information. They have described the attacker as being 40-years-old, 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. 

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