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Driver Crashes Into Marijuana Dispensary While High On Marijuana

Dude, is this Irony?

When you get a call at 1:06am and see this. We are really happy no one was hurt, but still disappointed we have to divert effort towards repairs. -->-->PLEASE indulge responsibly. • #stillopen #wehandeledit #stumptown #rampage #teamnosleep #dreamteam

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There's always a crash after a high but for this individual, it was quite literal.

Alan Alcantara, 18, has been accused of driving whilst high on marijuana after crashing his car in an empty car park outside of Stumptown Cannabis, a weed dispensary located in Portland, Oregon, come on he's totally not high!

Alan Alcantara
Alan Alcantara

The incident occurred on Tuesday the 27th of June, where Alan managed to dodge all the invisible parked cars in the car park and crashed his car on the back wall of Stumptown Cannabis causing $1000(£750) worth of damages.

The store will carry on their business and have boarded up the damaged wall.

We don't let "hiccups" slow us down! #openedontime #teamnosleep #stumptown #ommp #forthepeople

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Alan had to receive medical attention as he suffered a concussion from the crash. He was subsequently arrested by the Clackamas County police to whom he admitted to consuming marijuana prior to the crash. The police have charged him with suspicion of driving while intoxicated, fourth-degree assault and reckless driving.

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