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Very Nervous Man Commits Armed Robbery

Man's hand won't stop shaking whilst robbing a convenience store

The first time is the hardest for everyone and for this particular robber it really showed.

The incident occurred on Wednesday the 22nd of June, at a convenience store located on Fort Campbell Boulevard, Clarkesville, Tennesse.

An unidentified man entered the convenience store and can be seen on surveillance footage with a white cloth covering the lower half of his face as he brandishes a gun asking for money from the clerk.

Nervous Robber
Nervous Robber, clarksvilletenn/Youtube

He really puts new meaning to the term 'waving a gun' as his hand begins to nervously shake when he aims the gun a the store clerk. As the robber has not yet been caught the 'shaking of the hand' has not been confirmed to be a medical problem, so is assumed to be nervousness.

I personally feel as though the clerk on the other end of the gun would've preferred a more experienced robber to steal from the store as having someone nervously shake their hand whilst having a finger so close to the trigger is scarier than a calm and collected thief aiming a gun.

The robber stole an unreleased amount of money from the cash register and fled on foot. The police are currently searching for the nervous robber, who is most likely currently at home suffering from the worst anxiety imaginable.

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