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Evictee Pours Bucket Of Slurry Into Pool

Man is evicted from mobile home park, pours bucket of brown slurry into communal pool

Thomas Lee Mason
Thomas Lee Mason, Clearwater Police Department

Thomas Lee Mason, 54, was handed an eviction notice from the Embassy Mobile Home Park, ironically located in Clearwater, Florida. 

Mr. Mason was enraged after being evicted from the property, so he began to plot against the mobile home park and on Thursday the 25th he snuck back into the facility carrying a 5-gallon black bucket with a strange slurry inside.

The bucket had a mixture of ingredients and was made to look a dark brown color similar to that of runny diarrhea/feces.

He entered the communal pool facility with the brown substance and poured the ooze-like liquid substance into the swimming pool. Thomas quickly made his escape but the Clearwater police were notified after he was identified by residents who saw the 54-year-old walk in and out of the area with the bucket in hand.

It has been unreported as to why Thomas received an eviction from the mobile home park but it is clear that he had a criminal past including arrests for disorderly intoxication, trespassing, robbery, and aggravated assault to name a few.

Thomas caused $300 worth of cleaning costs to the swimming pool, he has been arrested and is currently being held via a $150 bond at the Clearwater County jail.

Below are images of the pool prior to the slurry being thrown in.

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