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Dunkin Donut Employee Drops Donuts On The Floor, Sells Them Anyway

Video of Dunkin Donut employee dropping donuts on the floor in Mendon

Have you ever wondered how Dunkin Donuts discover so many different flavors for their donuts? Well, this might give you an idea of how they do it.

The five-second rule might be cool at your own house but it might not be something you want to pay for at a restaurant/bakery, nobody  told this to the manager working at the Dunkin Donut store located in Mendon, Massachusetts.

Dunkin Donuts Spillage
Dunkin Donuts Spillage, Liam Flaherty/Facebook

Security footage from inside the store was leaked by a former employee this week. It shows the manager taking a tray of freshly made donuts off of a rack where they were cooling and she clumsily drops them as she takes a step closer to the front counter.

She takes a look around when she drops the donuts to make sure the coast is clear, unbeknownst to her everything is being recorded via the in-store security footage. She begins to put all the donuts back into the box as another employee walks by her, alarmingly unfazed by the spillage.

The shocking moment occurs when she puts the donuts up for sale to unsuspecting customers. Yep, I threw up in my mouth a little.

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