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Shopping Mall Turns Into River During Floods

Chinese Shopping Mall Turns into a flowing river due to heavy rainfall

The incident occurred in the Ginza shopping Mall, in Jinan, China after heavy rainfall has been reported to have struck multiple regions of the country.

This recording of a flowing river tearing through a mall comes after recent floodings claimed 22 lives and left 22 people missing in the country.

The footage captures an not stop flowing river surging through the escalators and plowing through stalls in the main lobby area of the mall.

Ginza shopping mall flooded,  From China with love/Youtube
Ginza shopping mall flooded,  From China with love/Youtube

Employees at the mall still attended work despite the heavy rainfall but were left stranded at their positions holding on to walls, each other and can be seen trying to climb fallen shelves to escape being dragged by the current.

A total of 200,000 people have been displaced due to heavy floods which have struck the southeastern region of China as flash floods have destroyed homes and left people stranded from their families.

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