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Kfc Meal Box Comes With Phone Charger

KFC India unveil a new box meal for those who need to recharge their appetite and their phone

Are people paying for the food or the ability to charge their phone? This is a question which will be asked after KFC India show off their new box meal which comes complete with a plug socket to aid their patrons in charging their phone while they eat.

The limited edition meal has been titled the 'Watt Box' and for those who are interested in the food rather than the ability to use their phone for extended periods of time, it comes with... Well, the advertisement doesn't actually state all the items of the box meal and just shows the main feature of it coming with a charger. Well, at least KFC India know what their customers think is most important.

Watt Box, KFC India
Watt Box, KFC India

Through further research, it is a 5 in 1 box meal which features four food items, a chicken burger, hot wings, fries, a drink and the fifth item is the actual charging wire which plugs into the side of the box, as shown in the advertisement.

The "Watt Box" isn't available for everybody as it is only available at select stores in Mumbai and Delhi whilst other customers have to take part in an online competition via KFC India's Facebook page to have an opportunity to win the box meal.

It has been unreported how long the promotion will last for or if it will expand to other territories.

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