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What Happens When A Bread Truck And A Deli Truck Collide?

A Bread truck a deli truck crashed in New Jersey causing a needed clean-up on the highway

Sandwiches everywhere! Eh, not really more like huge pile-ups of soggy bread and the massive amount of cured meat stuck to the tarmac. 

The incident occurred during the early hours of Friday morning, 17th June, in the southbound lanes of Interstate 287 in Piscataway, New Jersey.

'Sandwich filling' the highway, New Jersey State Police
'Sandwich filling' the highway, New Jersey State Police

A truck carrying bread and another carrying deli fillings such as cold-cuts collided together. It has been unreported as to who crashed into who or how the drivers managed to crash into each other all. What is known is that there were enough bread loafs and sandwich fillings on the road to open a drive-thru Subway in the middle of the highway. 

The driver of one of the vehicles suffered from non-life-threatening injuries, broken bones, he received medical assistants and now is recovering from his injuries.

New Jersey State Police saw the funny side of the incident and joked about the what-if scenario of a truck carrying salsa and another carrying corn chips colliding, the calamity!

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