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Prisoner Escapes Through Food Slot

A Russian prisoner is caught making his escape out of a prison from the food slot on his cell door

Is this a video of a fully grown man being birthed out of a door? No, but it certainly looks like it.

A slender Russian inmate identified as Rustam Shakhrutdinov, 25, has been caught on surveillance footage breaking out of this jail cell at a detention facility in the town of Izberbash in the Republic of Dagestan in southwest Russia.

Rustam Shakhrutdinov, SportAndNews/Youtube
Rustam Shakhrutdinov, SportAndNews/Youtube

The man was placed in his cell after being accused of robbery and on the Saturday, 18th of June, Rustam made his daring escape.

Rustam can be seen squeezing through the slot in his door, which is usually used to give food to inmates. He is completely naked as he is seen struggling to push his lower half of his body out of the slot through most of the video.

He manages to push himself out quickly putting on his underpants and the rest of his clothes.

It has been unreported if Rustam was recaught or if he even made it completely out of the facility but we have this amazing footage depicting his snake-like escape to remember him by.

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