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Woman Falls Two Storeys After Hitting Wrong Pedal

Woman falls from Londonderry mall parking lot after hitting the wrong pedal

Silver car on its roof, @IshaDuenas/Twitter
Silver car on its roof, @IshaDuenas/Twitter

You ever have that moment when you're driving and you forget which pedal goes forward and which pedal stops? No, never in my driving life. Well, it definitely happens to some people.

The incident occurred on Monday the 13th of June at the Londonderry mall, parking lot in Edmonton, Canada.

A lady was driving a silver car with a passenger, both in their 30's and were searching for a parking spot on the 2nd storey of the parking lot. 

When she found the parking space, the lady was suspected by the police investigating that she hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal which caused her to break through the barrier landing on the cars top outside of the parking lot. 

Crash site, @LukaszukAB/Twitter
Crash site, @LukaszukAB/Twitter

Fortunately, no one was injured during the fall.

The crash scene required a number of police cars, two fire trucks and an ambulance to clear the wreckage. It took the emergency services an hour to clear the scene once they arrived.

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